We can’t lie. This La Niña weather pattern business is driving us crazy.

It’s sunny, then it’s rainy. It’s blue skies, no wait, here comes a super storm cell moving across the Bureau of Meteorology’s website tracker and it’s coming straight for us.
Okay okay, it’s all clear now… Nope, wrong again.

But no matter what, we gardeners are still getting out there and into gardens across Sydney’s Lower North Shore to get all of our gardening work done. We don’t get home until our socks are absolutely soggy and we’re ready to murder a hot cup of tea.

Clearly, the winners in all this wet weather have been the gardens of Sydney.

The heavy rain mixed with split periods of strong sun has seen the green factor go into absolute overdrive and everything is thriving. Lawns are growing quickly. Plants, trees, vines and creepers are leafy as hell. And bushes are looking, well, undeniably bushy.

Gardens and backyards throughout Sydney’s Lower North Shore don’t have that dried-to-a-crisp brown tinge that so often happens as summer stretches on without rain and then February sets in.

So that’s a good thing.

Actually, it’s bloody great.

We gardeners just need thicker raincoats and more dry socks and boots. Send them please.

Here is a typical daily view from our van.

van rain