01Apr 2020

Home has become the centre of our lives in a whole new way. And as we all stay connected while also keeping our distances, it’s interesting to see what comes into focus. Some things matter now and other things just don’t. We are making changes to keep operating as efficiently and as safely as possible. […]

08Jul 2019

Soft, sculptural work or razor sharp lines. Warm, cottage appeal or the best of modernity. A well-maintained hedge can reaffirm your garden’s unique story and style. It can also take your home’s street appeal to the next level, adding extra definition and guiding the eye with true direction and purpose.  Check out some of our […]

10Jun 2019

Need a makeover or an epic clean-up? Check out these before & after shots. Many people ask us to transform their gardens before they sell their house or throw an important party. Others just ring because they damn well want their garden back.  Regardless of the reason, let us get it done for you. No […]

09Jun 2019

Belting rain. Blistering sun. Difficult access. The odd run-in with a redback, guard dog or a brush turkey. Anything can happen out there. Creating beautiful gardens is often very hard work and every day is different. This work requires strong, dedicated professionals who adapt, work together and have a sense of humour. Hats off to […]

04Jun 2019

Chillier times have set in but don’t forget about your garden. Now is the time to prune, mulch, take stock and reimagine the bigger picture of your garden’s structure and what you want to create over the long-term. As spring approaches, you will be glad that you put in that vital groundwork and remembered to […]

20Aug 2016

Here are just some of the great things we see on the job. Check out these photos.

20Dec 2015

Some people think we only do garden installations but we actually do maintenance work as well. We look after strata blocks, large estates AND small private residences. We hedge, mow, blow, beautify and get rid of all your garden’s green waste. We can visit fortnightly, monthly or whenever you like. Call Phil to discuss your […]

20Oct 2014

A beautiful garden is nice, but a beautiful and fragrant garden is something else altogether. Scent can add another rich dimension to the way we experience and enjoy a garden. And if you position fragrant plants close to your front gate or door you can give guests a truly sensory welcome upon arrival.