17Oct 2023

A trip out to the nurseries? Yes please! We always prefer to shop for ourselves, rather than just get deliveries. And there are lots of beautiful reasons why. Here are a few. 1. Creative inspiration! What’s available is always changing. It really is great to see exactly what’s looking exceptional right now. A run to […]

01Apr 2022

Breaking news. Our kids have joined the Gardenology team now and even know how to drive manual! It’s really great to have them on board. It’s just the power tools that might be a worry. … April Fools Day! Sorry, they’re not quite ready to work with us just yet. But they still like monkeying […]

10Mar 2022

Well, hi there! This week our gardening team was working in a Castle Cove backyard when they came across this big, beautiful snake. It was sitting on a fence and at first it just looked like a stuffed toy. But no. On closer inspection, it became clear that it was actually a real snake that […]

03Sep 2019

To mark the end of winter, our team took a special day off. We boarded the Lady Margaret, sailed around the harbour and did a bit of ‘jump rock’. Some dared to jump while others made (lame) excuses. Some skippered the vessel while others took on the very important task of talking rubbish and playing […]

19Aug 2019

Ask Phil which indoor plants are best and he’ll tell you straight, ‘There’s no such thing as an indoor plant, mate. All plants are meant to live outdoors’. Who would have thunk it? Interior stylists and magazine editors don’t want to hear it, but alas, it’s just the truth. Nevertheless, some plants can tolerate indoor […]

08Jul 2019

Soft, sculptural work or razor sharp lines. Warm, cottage appeal or the best of modernity. A well-maintained hedge can reaffirm your garden’s unique story and style. It can also take your home’s street appeal to the next level, adding extra definition and guiding the eye with true direction and purpose.  Check out some of our […]

10Jun 2019

Need a makeover or an epic clean-up? Check out these before & after shots. Many people ask us to transform their gardens before they sell their house or throw an important party. Others just ring because they damn well want their garden back.  Regardless of the reason, let us get it done for you. No […]

09Jun 2019

Belting rain. Blistering sun. Difficult access. The odd run-in with a redback, guard dog or a brush turkey. Anything can happen out there. Creating beautiful gardens is often very hard work and every day is different. This work requires strong, dedicated professionals who adapt, work together and have a sense of humour. Hats off to […]

05Jun 2019

Happy Vivid Festival! Stepping out on a cold night to take in the city with fresh eyes always feels good. We were struck by the beauty of this grand old Moreton Bay Fig Tree (Ficus Macrophylla). Isn’t it amazing? We hurry past these wonderful living things everyday and often take them for granted. It feels […]

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