Nice weather for ducks, eh?

Work is still on but the rain just keeps on coming. When is it going to let up?

Sprinkling, drizzling, sheeting, pouring, bucketing down, raining absolute cats and dogs. You know what I mean. We’ve seen it all.

Our boots are soggy, our coats are sodden, our vans are damp – inside and out. Our takeaway lunches have been washed away! The leeches and slugs are partying on back doorsteps. Paths are slippery and slimy. Gutters are overflowing. New turf can’t be cut or rolled out. There isn’t a square metre to spare! Oh sorry, am I ranting? Not me, I never rant – never never never. Everything’s just dandy.

Seriously though, thank you to all our customers for keeping us busy. We’re lucky to have lots of work. And it’s nice to see the gardens looking so lush and green. That’s the upside of all this rain. Gotta look on the bright side, right?

Hope you’re staying as dry as possible and your umbrella is not broken or turned inside-out or stolen.

We are thinking of the people affected by the floods who are dealing with much bigger problems than just the standard wet shoes, bus puddle splashes and indoor mould issues.

Let’s hope for a gentle, sunny autumn. Please, please, please. We want a big blue sky that’s squeaky clean and some nice warm rays so we can dry out and maybe even peg some washing out on the line and get to put it all away inside before another downpour hits.

Stay safe and dry people. Let’s ride these storms out.